Sweet Wines

   Golden Angelica Wine- Golden color, pleasantly sweet.  Originated in the cellars of France. 

              One of our most popular sweet wines.  It bears well, the wine of angels'.

​   Muscatel Wine- Amber color, delightful aroma with a distinctive sweet flavor

   Tokay Wine-Red amber, medium sweet.

​   Port Wine- Ruby red, velvet smooth and rich.

Dry Wines

   Vin Rose-Pink, slightly sweet delicate bouquet.

   Haut Sauterne-Pale gold color, delightful and slightly sweet.

​​   Chablis- Pale straw color, light bodies, dry and tart, delicate bouquet.

​   Burgundy- Ruby red, full bodies and dry.

Light Sweet Wines

   Rosato- One of our most popular wines.  Delicate, sweet and pink. 
                Another fine choice for the Holy Sacrifice, especially for Communion under both species.

​​   White Rosato - Follows the same basic concept of our distinguished Rosato, but a delicate straw color.

​   Light Muscat - Light amber in color, delightful muscat bouquet.

   Light Red- Dark pink in color and not as sweet as Rosato

Light Red -
Dark pink in color and not quite as sweet as Rosato.

Altar Wine.

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